Aqua Del Rey Saipan is a well-established shop 
proud of the results and the trust of 33 years.
We try to keep things small and personal.
The professional Japanese staff who is particular 
about the quality of the diving service guides you.

We will accept daily beach dive or boat dive from one person.
We will try to match your request as much as pssible.

Price list

We will provide hotel pickup and drop off service by FREE.

2beach  $90   laulau obyan grotto etc
2boat(a) $140  dimple pipe inreef etc 
2boat (b)  $150 naftan 
2boat(c) $160  tinian banzai wing spotlight 
1beach(add) $45   
1boat(add)  $75   
1beach only $50   
1boat only $80 pm only 
1beach{1boat $120   1beach(am){1boat (pm)
night or early morning dive  $75   
sunset diving
 $65 pick up time is 17:00  
equipment rental  $10 each/day bcd/reg/wet/maskEfinsEboots 
equipment rental@(FULL)  $40/day bcd/reg/wet/mask/fins/boots 


we will respond to all Email within 24hours.

About us

AQUA DEL REY was established in 1984.
located at south GARAPAN 
within three minutes by car from major hotel

We are a menber of NMDOA.
(northern mariana diving operators association)

   I spend eight years of the childhood period in France Paris.
I belong to the diving department in the college student days.
I retire in one year though I work after graduation in the trading company.
I acquire PADI instructor afterwards in early beach australia..
I move to Cairns and work for 7 dive seas.
I move a base to Saipan for 1,998 years.
I enter now in the 19th year resident in Saipan.

-operation manager-

(beach dive)

 8:00 pick up at the hotel,go to dive shop
 9:00 first dive
 10:30 second dive 
 12:00 back to dive shop and back to the hotel 
13:00  (additional diving )

(boat dive)

7:15  pick up and go to dive shop  
 8:15 leave dock and 2dives 
12:00  return to dock  and back to dive shop
12:30   back to the hotel
13:30  (additional diving) 

In the case of 2dives,you can back to the hotel in half days.
Additionally want to dive afternoon,
of course we will arrange for you.
In the case of 3dives,you will back to the hotel around at 17:00.

We can arrange it pick up time.

Cancel policy

 1day before tour  free
after 6pm the day before the tour   100%
 on the day of the tour 100% 

Cancelation due to personal preference,there is a cancelationcharge.
Due to bad weather or flight delay,there is no cacelation charge.


we will respond to all Email within 24hours.

copyrightc2015 AQUADELREY SAI